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Declan Hagen 1st shift experience...

Hi Lisa,


I sent through some First Shift pictures…but did so on my phone, so hopefully you received them without difficulty. I did want to just add my little testimonial for anybody who is thinking of trying this program.


The First Shift program has been a wonderful introduction to the world of hockey for my son, Declan. He is 6 years old and a beginner on skates. The coaches have put their hearts and love of the game into each session and the kids are having so much fun. The progress over the last 5 sessions is evident to everyone. The variety of exercises keeps them engaged and the coaches have made great effort to ensure each kid gets some individual attention. Thank you for bringing this program to Norfolk County and to everyone involved for lending their time to the grassroots of the sport. You’re certainly initiating a “spark” for all of these new little hockey hopefuls.


Thanks very much,


Chris and Jaimie Hagen

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