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A message from our Founder:


  STIX N PIX is a recently formed charitable foundation dedicating itself to the development of grass roots HOCKEY & MUSIC within our community. Quite simply we want to increase our registration #’s for Boys and Girls in youth hockey AND find a way to get more instrument’s into our kids’ hands within our community. We are more than just hockey and music. We want to include a "make a wish" program in our foundation and these funds go to any boy or girl within our community that may need our help in anyway shape or form. * My wife Lisa and I were completely shocked when there was some money raised by friends and family at our last private Bushstock event. We were trusted to do something good with the money that was raised and after being involved locally in minor hockey the last 5 years we saw first-hand the combination of declining registration numbers mixed with an increase in registration cost equals a great way for our youth not to get an opportunity to play the best game in the world. A committee group was then formed to figure out what could be done to support our kids and this is how STIX N PIX was born. Created by friends & family.


 Let’s start with the PIX side of things. And no we are not talking about figure skates. This is music. Not everyone is into sports no matter how you present it and that’s ok. Almost all children LOVE MUSIC! Studies have shown that music education enhances a child’s comprehension abilities, helps them with math concepts, assists in the development of fine motor skills, and helps to build self-confidence. Many children with special needs have been known to excel at music even though they are unable to communicate or participate in regular structured activities. In general, music enhances the lives of many children and adults as well.
The STIX side of things is the hockey component. Almost all children LOVE HOCKEY!  Research has shown that kids who play hockey at a young age are more likely to continue to play that sport throughout their lives. In fact, youth hockey players are three times more likely than any other major sport to go on to play the sport in college. By putting a child in a hockey program, you are creating a lifelong enthusiast and health-oriented individual. Hockey builds character. Since hockey is a team sport, children who play learn the value of working with others. They figure out how to rely on teammates and understand that cooperation is key to success. Children on hockey teams experience a team spirit that encourages trust, responsibility and sportsmanship. These lessons extend into adulthood as teammates turn into coworkers, coaches become bosses, and teams become the companies for which they work. An often overlooked benefit of team sports, including hockey, is developing the ability to accept the highs and lows in life with poise and balance. Experiencing the wins and losses that come with hockey helps a child deal with the wins and losses in life all that much better. * Hockey also promotes a strong sense of self, a positive self-esteem and pride. Utilizing positive self-talk and managing stress help balance a child's outlook on life. In other words, being involved in a team sport like hockey is great preparation for learning life skills for the future.


- STIX N PIX looks at Norfolk County as a whole. We are 1 community. We are not about 1 particular center.
- STIX N PIX is proud to announce that the Bauer 1st shift program will be coming to Norfolk County. I will let our Bauer representative explain what this program has done for other centers across Canada. What it is going to do for our center is give kids an opportunity to have fun and try the game without investing much money. The Bauer 1st shift will target any kid from the ages of 6-10 that have never played the game of hockey before and will professionally outfit them from head to toe from skates, helmets, sticks and everything in between and provide 6, one hr ice sessions lead by a qualified instructor. All for $199.
- STIX N PIX would like to provide a 2nd shift program for the kids who may want an additional 6 sessions of ice.
- We are looking for partnerships with local businesses or private individuals who are interested in making a difference for our youth and helping make hockey & music more accessible for families.
- The key to making this program operational is to have the commitment of local business people adopt the program for a 5 year operational plan who will continue contribute annually.
-  After speaking with minor hockey moms/dads/executives and of course the kids we have come up with items of importance where the money would go. A sponsor can choose exactly where they want their money to go towards or let the committee decide. It’s completely up to you. If you want to remain anonymous just say so.
- Items on our agenda to purchase are ice time in order to implement affordable standardized pre-novice on ice sessions throughout the county. If we can get our local minor hockey associations to get on the same page with regards to a Standardized initiation program that would be a step in the right direction I firmly believe.
- We need to have a focus on the basic fundamentals being taught by a qualified instructor across the county.
- We want to take down any financial barriers that may prevent a child from registering for the game.
- There is an need to provide a set of goalie equipment for each center at the pre-novice age where more kids can try it out without the cost of equipment.
- we need to use our ice time for efficiently and we can do this by purchasing divider boards and mini nets, promote more small area games and have less structured environment and let the kids just play.

I would like to Thank you for taking a look at our website and if you have any questions fee free to email me any questions to [email protected] or call me direct anytime at 519 410 4428.

Ryan VandenBussche

Founder of Stix n Pix.