Stix n Pix Sponsorship Support Application (Stix n Pix)

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Stix n Pix is offering the opportunity for funding for up to 5,000.00 for either an individual or group who will enroll and/or run program(s) for Norfolk youth in either music of hockey. Existing programs can apply along with new programs. Please complete Application - Submit Form at end, email confirmation will be sent to applicant. Any questions please contact Elaine Thomas - [email protected]
Applicant Information
Please complete section - any questions contact Elaine Thomas - [email protected]
  1. Full name of person or Group
  2. for a Group Application
  3. Example: ###-###-####
  4. Example: ###-###-####
  5. confirmation of application received will go to this email address.
  6. if application is for a Child
Information on reason for applying
Please complete section
  1. provided by Norfolk County & Stix n Pix
  2. e.g. equipment, registration, team wear, financial please provide details
  3. e.g. sport, music specific equipment
  1. Yes, I am willing to assist Stix ‘n’ Pix in its ongoing fundraising activities in support of grassroots hockey participation.

  2. Yes, I am willing to submit photos and a descriptive write up of my child’s participation in the sponsored activity for use on the Stix ‘n’ Pix website.

  3. **Note: Additional information may be required depending on the amount of support being requested.

  4. By clicking on the Submit Form button - your are acknowledging that you are the Applicant for completing this form, and it will be recognized by Stix n Pix as your signature.
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