Stix N Pix 3 on 3 Volunteer Form (Stix n Pix)

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Thank-you for your interest in volunteering and supporting our programs. We will contact you with role we have in mind for you!

  1. Please complete the following form if your interested in volunteering to support the StixNPix 3on3 Spring Hockey Program. If you have questions, please email [email protected]
  2. Example: ###-###-####

  3. Check All That Apply
  4. Coaching Experience, Suggestions, Feedback
  5. I, the undersigned, understand that hockey is a vigorous and physically demanding game in which injuries may occur. I hereby apply to volunteer for the programs, agreeing to accept the reasonable risk inherent in the game of hockey including the risk of serious personal injury. The undersigned, for himself, herself, themselves, their next of kin, executors, administrators assigns, hereby irrevocably releases the Organizers, its officers, directors, coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, managers, referees, officials, arena staff, and employees from all manner of claims or causes by actions in any way related to personal injury or property damage sustained by the registered player and/or the undersigned in the course of participating in, viewing, or traveling to or from any of the events or programs sanctioned by the Organizers.

    I, realize that I am not only representing myself, I am representing my teammates, coaches, managers, trainers, referee's, arena staff, parents, guardians and our county of Norfolk and will do my best to be a good teammate to all of the above

    I, the undersigned, agree to abide by the following conditions of membership as set out by the Organizers:

    I, certify that I have read, understood, and declare my agreement with the foregoing declaration.

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